Akash Deep’s Dream Debut: 4th Test – India vs England

Akash Deep, India vs England, Day One

India vs England – Akash Deep’s Dream Debut

On the gripping first day of the India vs England cricket match, debutant Akash Deep showcased nerves of steel, propelling India into a favorable position. His calm demeanor and wise counsel from fellow cricketers paved the way for an impressive start to his international career.

Keeping Composure: Preparation and Confidence

Unlike many debutants, Akash Deep exuded confidence rather than nerves. His pre-game conversation with coaches and teammates ensured he stepped onto the field with a clear mindset. Taking advice from seasoned players like Bumrah, he executed his plans meticulously, especially by adjusting his length in international cricket, as suggested.

Overcoming Challenges: Handling Pressure Situations

Despite a minor setback with a no-ball, Akash Deep remained focused on the team’s success. His concern over the potential impact on the team’s performance, particularly with Crawley’s strong batting, underscored his commitment to the collective goal. Throughout the game, he adapted to the changing conditions, capitalizing on early advantages while adjusting to a slowing wicket.

Root’s Resilience and England’s Recovery

While India made early inroads, Joe Root’s stellar century kept England in contention. Root’s strategic approach, balancing aggression with restraint, guided England’s recovery from a precarious position. His partnership with Foakes exemplified classic test cricket, characterized by patience and resilience. Despite facing challenges from bowlers like Siraj, Root steered England towards a respectable total, laying a solid foundation for the days to come.

Looking Ahead: India’s Strategy and Expectations

As the match progresses, India remains cautiously optimistic. The team anticipates favorable conditions similar to the first day, aiming to capitalize on early opportunities and swiftly dismiss the remaining English batsmen. With a slight advantage going into day two, India is poised to maintain its momentum and seize control of the game.


Day one of the India vs England match witnessed a captivating display of skill and determination. Akash Deep’s stellar debut and Joe Root’s century set the stage for an exhilarating contest. As the teams prepare for the upcoming days, anticipation runs high, promising fans more enthralling cricketing action.

Stay tuned for updates as the battle between India and England continues!

16:30 Local Time, 11:00 GMT — Day 1, Stumps: India slightly ahead after the first day but Joe Root has kept England in the game with a magnificent century. Akash Deep had a dream debut as he ran through England’s top order within the first hour of day’s play and put India right in front. The spin twins – Ashwin and Jadeja – struck once each just before lunch to make it India’s morning. England were in trouble at 112/5 when Root and Foakes joined hands, the duo played good old fashioned attritional cricket post-lunch and ensured England didn’t lose any wicket for the first time in a session this series. The pair added a 100+ stand and started to up the scoring post-tea but Siraj came back and got the ball to reverse, he accounted for Foakes and Hartley in a fiery spell.

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