It was a dream ball – Pat Cummins on Babar Azam dismissal

Introduction: Babar vs. Cummins Series Saga Unfolds

In the current Test series, the spotlight is on the riveting battle between two cricketing stalwarts – Babar Azam and Pat Cummins. Despite Babar’s impressive average of over 68 against Cummins in Test cricket, the tables have turned, with Cummins dismissing him two out of three times in the ongoing series.

Cummins’ Dream Ball: A Pivotal Moment at the MCG

Cummins, after a stellar performance in Melbourne, expressed his elation over a delivery that became the highlight of the match. The dismissal of Babar Azam, caught-off-the-outside-edge in Perth and bowled-through-the-gate in Melbourne, added a dramatic twist to the narrative.

Strategic Dismissals: Breaking the Partnership Momentum

Cummins’ brilliance was not limited to his showdown with Babar Azam. The fast bowler strategically dismissed Abdullah Shafique, breaking a formidable 90-run partnership and further solidifying his impact on the game.

Cummins’ Perspective: Crafting the Dream Delivery

Speaking about his dream delivery, Cummins explained, “It’s a rare ball, what you try to bowl most times. That fifty-fifty chance of seaming in or out creates uncertainty for the batter. Creating an angle is crucial, and if I’m unsure, hopefully, the batter is too.”

Shafique’s Praise: Acknowledging Cummins’ Skill

Abdullah Shafique, appreciating Cummins’ prowess, acknowledged the challenge of facing a bowler of his caliber. “Pat Cummins is a good bowler, so as a batter you have to take your chances,” Shafique remarked, emphasizing the need to capitalize on limited opportunities.

Challenges in the Conditions: Cummins’ and Shafique’s Insights

Cummins recognized the challenging batting conditions at the MCG, contextualizing Marnus Labuschagne’s impressive runs earlier in the day. He highlighted the slow outfield, stating that 300 runs were equivalent to at least 400 in such conditions.

Labuschagne’s Discipline: Turning the Game’s Tide

Cummins praised Labuschagne’s discipline and resilience, noting that his 60-odd runs were worth a hundred in the context of the game. Labuschagne’s ability to patiently face 150 or 200 balls and capitalize on scoring opportunities proved crucial for Australia.

The Road Ahead: Pakistan’s Uphill Task

As Pakistan prepares to resume their innings on Day 3 at 194/6, trailing by 124 runs, the challenges persist. The team faces an uphill task to recover, with the ongoing partnership becoming pivotal for their resurgence.

In the unfolding drama of the Babar Azam vs. Pat Cummins series showdown, each delivery, dismissal, and partnership adds a layer of intensity. As the cricketing saga continues, the players’ strategies and resilience will determine the outcome of this gripping Test series. Stay tuned for more twists and turns on the pitch.

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