Law 3 – The Scorers


3.1 Selection and Responsibilities of Scorers

In each match, two dedicated scorers are to be designated. Their primary duty is to meticulously record all runs scored, wickets taken, and, when applicable, the number of overs bowled.

3.2 Ensuring the Accuracy of Scorekeeping

The scorers play a crucial role in maintaining the accuracy of the match’s scoring. It is their responsibility to perform frequent cross-checks to ensure the alignment of their records. At the conclusion of each interval, except during drinks breaks, and following the conclusion of the entire match, the scorers must reconcile and confirm with the umpires various critical details, including the total runs scored, the count of wickets that have fallen, and, where relevant, the tally of overs bowled. Further guidance on the accuracy of scores can be found in Law 2.15 (Correctness of Scores).

3.3 Acknowledging Umpires’ Instructions and Signals

The scorers must attentively receive and act upon all instructions and signals communicated to them by the umpires. It is imperative that they promptly acknowledge each distinct signal relayed by the umpires during the course of the game.

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