maintenance of the pitch

9.1 Rolling

Only allow rolling the pitch during the match under specific circumstances outlined in 9.1.1 and 9.1.2.

9.1.1 Frequency and Duration of Rolling

The captain of the batting side can request rolling for a maximum of 7 minutes before the start of each innings, except for the first innings of the match, and before the commencement of play on subsequent days. Refer to 9.1.4 for more details.

9.1.2 Rolling after a Delayed Start

Furthermore, if a delay occurs after the toss but before the first innings, the captain of the batting side may request a 7-minute rolling. However, if the umpires jointly agree that the delay did not significantly affect the pitch, they can refuse the request for rolling.

9.1.3 Choice of Rollers

If multiple rollers are available, the captain of the batting side chooses which one to use.

9.1.4 Timing of Permitted Rolling

Rolling, with a maximum duration of 7 minutes, can commence no more than 30 minutes before the scheduled or rescheduled start time. The captain of the batting side can delay this rolling, but not less than 10 minutes before the scheduled start.

9.2 Clearing Debris from the Pitch

9.2.1 The Pitch Shall Be Cleared of Debris

  • Before the beginning of each day’s play, following mowing, and not earlier than 30 minutes nor later than 10 minutes before the scheduled or rescheduled start time (
  • Between innings, preceding any rolling (
  • During meal intervals (

9.2.2 Method of Clearing Debris

Debris removal, by sweeping, is the standard method unless it might harm the pitch’s surface, in which case manual clearance without sweeping is required.

9.2.3 Additional Debris Removal

Debris can also be removed by hand, without sweeping, before mowing and when either umpire deems it necessary.

9.3 Mowing

9.3.1 Responsibility for Mowing

  • Mowings before the match are the sole responsibility of the Ground Authority (
  • All subsequent mowings are supervised by the umpires (

9.3.2 Mowing the Pitch and Outfield

Weather permitting, groundskeepers should mow both the pitch and the outfield every day of expected play. In exceptional cases where complete outfield mowing isn’t possible, the Ground Authority will inform captains and umpires of the alternative procedure.

9.3.3 Timing of Mowing

  • Pitch mowing should conclude no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled or rescheduled start time, before any sweeping or rolling (
  • Outfield mowing should finish no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled or rescheduled start time (

9.4 Watering the Pitch

You cannot water the pitch during the match.

9.5 Re-marking Creases

Umpires should re-mark creases whenever they deem it necessary.

9.6 Maintenance of Footholes

Umpires are responsible for maintenance, cleaning and drying holes made by bowlers and batters as needed to facilitate play. In multi-day matches, they may permit re-turfing or quick-setting fillings for bowlers’ footholes.

9.7 Securing of Footholds and Maintenance of Pitch

During play, players can use sawdust to secure their footholds, provided it doesn’t damage the pitch or violate Law 41 (Unfair play).

9.8 Non-turf Pitches

Provisions in sections 9.1 to 9.7 apply wherever applicable.

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