Asia Cup 2023 : Wasim Akram’s Take

Asia Cup 2023

Former Pakistan cricket captain, Wasim Akram, has expressed his belief that the upcoming Asia Cup 2023 will serve as a valuable preparation platform for the participating teams in the lead-up to the ODI World Cup commencing on October 5th. Akram’s insights stem from the prevailing trend of bowlers primarily accustomed to delivering four overs per game in T20 matches.

Jasprit Bumrah’s inclusion in the Indian squad, after recovering from an injury sustained in September 2022, is anticipated to invigorate the Men in Blue and fortify their prowess.

The team’s existing pace battery, consisting of Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj, and Prasidh Krishna, combined with Jasprit Bumrah’s comeback, positions the team to offer an array of improved bowling variations.

Addressing an event, Wasim Akram emphasized the significance of Asia Cup 2023 in assessing bowlers’ adaptability to delivering ten overs in an ODI, considering their prevalent involvement in T20 cricket where they typically bowl four overs per game.

“Regardless of whether it’s India, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka, this tournament will reveal whether bowlers can effectively manage ten overs. In today’s game, they are accustomed to bowling four overs,” noted Wasim Akram.

The esteemed former Pakistani player underscored that the Asia Cup 2023’s extended 50-over format will scrutinize players’ fitness levels and mental resilience.

Evaluating Bowlers’ Adaptability

“This is a protracted tournament — not a solitary event where a single victory secures a semifinal spot. Advancement necessitates consistent wins. Moreover, the transition from T20 to the 50-over format demands distinct mental and physical preparations,” Akram explained.

Reflecting on the previous edition, Akram acknowledged the unpredictability of the competition, stating that India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka all possess the capability to clinch the title, rendering predictions difficult.

“In the last instance, we anticipated an India-Pakistan final, but the crown went to Sri Lanka. All three teams harbor danger; any of them can emerge victorious on their day,” he added.

Elaborating on the past, Akram recollected Sri Lanka’s triumph in the preceding Asia Cup, during which India missed out on a place in the final. The former Pakistani skipper also emphasized the presence of formidable teams beyond the trio.

“Numerous other teams are in contention as well. In the previous edition, Sri Lanka secured victory, while India couldn’t reach the final.

“While India-Pakistan clashes hold great significance due to substantial support and viewership, it is essential not to discount other formidable teams like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh,” Wasim Akram concluded.

Led by Rohit Sharma’s leadership, the Indian cricket team is gearing up to initiate their Asia Cup 2023 campaign against Babar Azam’s Pakistan on Saturday (September 2nd) at the Pallekele International Cricket Stadium in Sri Lanka.

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