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Salman Butt, the former Pakistan skipper, recently discussed the India-Pakistan rivalry on The Nadir Ali podcast. He spoke about how the intense rivalry has changed over the years as the Asia Cup approaches.

Speaking on the podcast, Salman Butt stated that India always faces pressure when playing against Pakistan. He added that India’s losses to Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final and the ICC World Cup 2021 league game have made the side conscious about facing Pakistan in recent times.

Butt proudly said, “When we face India, the pressure is on them, not on us. When I was playing, we never thought they would beat us. Pakistan won against India in the Asia Cup, the Champions Trophy final, the T20 World Cup in 2021, and also recently won the ACC Emerging Cup final.”

Salman Butt stated that Pakistan has outperformed India in knockout matches.

Salman Butt emphasized that Pakistan has outperformed India in knockout matches. Pakistan lost the 2021 T20 World Cup semi-final to Australia and the 2022 T20 World Cup final to England.

Butt stated, “Pakistan played better cricket in knockout matches. India lost two WTC finals and has not won knockout matches for years.”

India and Pakistan will face each other in the upcoming Asia Cup and ICC World Cup tournaments. Both are in Group A along with Nepal for Asia Cup 2023.

In the Asia Cup, India won 8 out of 13 ODI matches, and Pakistan won 5. In the T20 format, India won twice, and Pakistan won once.

The former Pakistan skipper also expressed disappointment over Babar Azam’s absence from the ICC World Cup 2023 promo. The promo featured only Shaheen Afridi.

Butt questioned the expectations from ICC, suggesting that they should create their own promo. He asserted that the ICC operates on a financial model funded by the BCCI.

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