Stone House Real Estate & Desert League presents KCC “Season 4”


Abu Dhabi is gearing up to take center stage as the host of an exhilarating cricket tournament starting on September 9th. The distinguished Kaeshur Cricket Club (KCC), a fervent promoter of both Kashmiri Cricket and culture in the UAE, brings you this thrilling event.

Fostering Unity Through Sports and Culture

Beyond its competitive aspect, these events play a significant role in strengthening community bonds and infusing the hearts of players and fans with the excitement of the sport. The KCC 4 Championship goes beyond being just a cricket competition; it stands as a testament to the very essence of the game, fostering camaraderie among participants and enthusiasts alike. Moreover, it serves as a global platform for emerging local talents, empowering young cricketers to leave their mark while reigniting the youthful spirit in the seasoned ones.

Kashmir’s Finest Ready to Compete

The anticipation for the cricket fervor has soared to unparalleled heights. Six formidable teams from the breathtaking landscapes of Kashmir are poised to compete for victory on the international stage. This meticulously orchestrated, spectacular tournament by the esteemed KCC not only promises to showcase skill, passion, and sportsmanship but also garners immense excitement. Cricket enthusiasts from Kashmir, regardless of their current global location, eagerly await this prestigious event, expecting it to vividly highlight the abundant talent that Kashmir has in store.

A Lineup of Cricketing Excellence

So, Confirmed sources have now unveiled the impressive lineup of participating teams in the tournament: Kongposh, Nigeen, Buherkadal, Aparhwat, Kashmir Knights, and Aharbal. Moreover, Meticulously selected, these teams perfectly epitomize the rich cricketing heritage of Kashmir. Each individual team stands as a powerhouse in its own right, effortlessly fusing experience, youthful vigor, and raw talent on the field.

Abu Dhabi: The Perfect Setting for Cricket Drama

The picturesque backdrop of Abu Dhabi sets the stage for this high-energy cricketing extravaganza. With world-class facilities and an enthusiastic crowd, the atmosphere is poised to be nothing short of electric. So, Fans can eagerly anticipate riveting matches, heart-stopping moments, and unforgettable performances—integral components of tournaments of this stature.

Join the Countdown to Cricket Glory

So, as the momentum builds for the KCC 4 Championship countdown, we extend a warm invitation to cricket aficionados, supporters, and sports enthusiasts from all walks of life to actively join in the excitement. Let’s come together to pay tribute to the spirit of cricket and bear witness to the clash of titans in this captivating tournament—a promise of an unmissable spectacle. As the saying goes in Kashmiri, it’s a “Zabardast Shougul”.

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