Will Jacks: Forging His Path in English Cricket


Will Jacks, who recently debuted internationally last winter, is determined to establish himself as a key player for England across various formats. Drawing inspiration from his former Under-19 teammate Harry Brook, Jacks is striving to secure a spot in England’s World Cup squad.

In the 2022-23 season, Jacks represented England in all three formats, making his Test and T20I debuts in Pakistan and his ODI debut in Bangladesh. As part of the group of players on the fringes of the white-ball squad, he is pushing hard to earn a place in the 15-member contingent set to travel to India.

Jacks, after delivering a standout performance for Surrey in the T20 Blast, has accumulated 101 runs in five innings for the leading Oval Invincibles in the Hundred tournament. His upcoming match against London Spirit coincides with England’s white-ball selection meeting earlier that day. Notably, the ICC permits changes to provisional World Cup squads until September 28.

Although the potential return of Ben Stokes from ODI retirement lessens the chances of Jacks making the initial squad of 15, he maintains optimism about showcasing his skills against New Zealand and Ireland next month. Jacks, aged 24, shared with ESPNcricinfo, “I remain hopeful for an opportunity. I need to perform well in the Hundred and ideally demonstrate my abilities in September.”

While reflecting on his aspirations, he articulated, “I’m focused on giving my best and aiming to secure a lasting position. My desire is to contribute to multiple teams and maintain a consistent presence.”

Acknowledging the competitive nature of the scenario, he noted, “It’s a challenging task. Similar to Brooky’s performance over the past year, maintaining a spot requires exceptional achievements that may even lead to replacing someone else. Sometimes, a single outstanding month can completely alter the situation. Rapid changes can occur.”

Jacks’ Resilient Journey and Ambitions in Cricket

Even if the upcoming World Cup arrives too soon, Jacks is in contention for the selection process due to Alex Hales’ retirement from international cricket. He is ready to participate in the squad defending their 20-over title in the Caribbean and the US in June 2024.

Jack commented, “There’s a competition each year for the next five years, which is quite remarkable. I hope to seize opportunities in the coming years, whether it’s a World Cup or a Champions Trophy. My focus remains on persistent hard work and carving my way into the team.”

Taking the long-term perspective into account, he observed the shifting dynamics of the squad, stating, “We have maintained the current squad for a considerable duration.” As the players age and progress in their careers, chances are likely to open up for younger players like me. I aim to capitalize on these prospects and secure a consistent spot.”

Looking ahead, Jacks has his sights set on England’s Test tour to India the following year. He expressed his enthusiasm, especially after missing an opportunity earlier due to injury. “Playing in India would be an incredible experience. It’s a distant goal, but it will approach swiftly, marking England’s next Test series. The composition of the team and the spinners’ role will play a role, but I’m excited about the possibility.”

Jacks, a unique part-time offspinner, employs his height and spin technique to his advantage. He explained, “I focus on spinning the ball with an upright seam, unlike many who use a square seam for assistance from the pitch. This approach favors me. While I may not be the most technically precise bowler, I delve into the batter’s mindset and execute accordingly.”

Jacks will dedicate his winter to cricket, regardless of his involvement in England squads. He has already secured a spot with Pretoria Capitals in the SA20 league. He remarked, “If I’m not selected for England, there are various franchise opportunities available. I anticipate staying engaged and active.”

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