The Players

1.1 Number of Players

In a cricket match, two teams consisting of eleven players each, with one designated as the captain, compete against each other. However, there is room for flexibility based on mutual agreement, allowing matches to take place with fewer or more than eleven players on each side. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that no more than eleven players can be on the field simultaneously during the game. If, for any reason during the match, one team finds itself with fewer players than initially nominated, the game continues as long as it remains feasible under the Laws or any pre-toss agreements.

1.2 Player Nomination and Replacement

1.2.1 Before the coin toss, each team’s captain must provide a written list of their selected players to one of the umpires.

1.2.2 No player may be substituted after this nomination without obtaining consent from the opposing team’s captain.

1.2.3 Any replacement player assumes the identity of the original nominated player they are replacing for all intents and purposes under these Laws. A replacement player is not eligible to bat in an innings if the nominated player they are substituting has already completed their innings. The replacement player carries over any penalties, warnings, or suspensions that apply to the originally nominated player.

1.3 Captaincy

1.3.1 In the event that the captain is unavailable, a deputy captain shall step in and fulfill the captain’s role.

1.3.2 If the captain is unable to nominate players, any individual associated with the team may act as the deputy to perform this task. Please refer to 1.2 for further details.

1.3.3 Following the player nominations, only a nominated player is authorized to serve as the deputy and assume the duties and responsibilities of the captain as outlined in these Laws. This includes responsibilities at the coin toss.

1.4 Captains’ Responsibilities

Both team captains ensure that they conduct the game not only in accordance with the Laws of the game but also within the spirit of cricket. They detail this commitment to the spirit of cricket in The Preamble, under “The Spirit of Cricket.

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