Navigating the Challenges: Bangladesh Cricket Board’s Journey in the Asia Cup

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The Bangladesh Cricket Board recognizes that the upcoming Asia Cup will be affected by the extensive travel involved. The tournament has a hybrid format, and Bangladesh, placed in Group B, will have their group stage matches in Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Their first Group B match against Sri Lanka is scheduled for August 31, followed by their second group match against Afghanistan in Pakistan on September 3. If they qualify, they will then proceed to play their first Super Four game. After that, they will travel back to Sri Lanka to play the remaining two Super Four matches. If they make it to the final, it will also take place in Sri Lanka.

Jalal Yunus, the chairman of BCB cricket operations, mentioned that the teams will travel in chartered flights to ensure a more comfortable journey. This decision was made by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). Although there may be some impact due to the travel, they have no choice but to accept it, as it is part of the ACC’s plan for all teams to follow this schedule.

Jalal Yunus also provided an update on the availability of Tamim Iqbal, a left-handed opener who is currently on a one-and-a-half-month break. Initially, Tamim had retired but later reversed his decision at the request of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheik Hasina. He is currently dealing with back issues and will be consulting with physicians in England before deciding on his future course of action. The decision will be discussed with the board.

In summary, the Bangladesh Cricket Board acknowledges the challenges posed by excessive travel for the Asia Cup and has chosen to comply with the ACC’s plan of utilizing chartered flights. They understand the potential impact on players but have no choice but to accept the schedule. The availability of Tamim Iqbal will be determined after his break and consultation with the board regarding his health and future decisions.

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