Pakistan’s Narrow Path to ICC World Cup 2023 Semi-finals

Slim Chances for Pakistan

It was a slim chance from the beginning, but after a heart-wrenching one-wicket defeat against South Africa, Pakistan’s prospects for reaching the ICC World Cup 2023 semi-finals have taken a severe hit.

Can Pakistan Still Secure a Spot?

The answer is affirmative, but it demands a miraculous performance. Let’s break down the numbers and see if Pakistan can make it to the top four.

Pakistan’s Current Standings

Before we dive into the complexities of permutations and combinations, it’s essential to understand Pakistan’s current standing. Led by Babar Azam, the Pakistani cricket team currently sits in the sixth position on the points table with two victories out of six games.

The Upcoming Challenges

Pakistan’s next challenge awaits on the 31st of October when they face Bangladesh at the iconic Eden Gardens in Kolkata. Afterward, they head to Bengaluru to take on New Zealand before returning to Kolkata to confront the formidable English team.

Pakistan’s Path to Qualification

To secure a spot in the semi-finals, Pakistan must achieve a near-perfect run in their remaining matches and depend on favorable outcomes elsewhere.

Winning All Remaining Matches

First and foremost, Pakistan needs to win all of their remaining three matches, taking their total points to 10.

Australia’s Role

Pakistan’s hopes are tied to Australia’s performance. If Australia loses three of their next four matches, Pakistan can potentially surpass them.

New Zealand’s Struggles

New Zealand’s losses are crucial for Pakistan’s chances. If New Zealand loses all their remaining matches, and if Sri Lanka and Afghanistan each lose at least two out of their next four matches, Pakistan can slip into the semi-finals.

Pakistan vs. New Zealand

The Pakistan vs. New Zealand match on November 4 could be the turning point. If New Zealand doesn’t win both of their upcoming matches and ends up with only 8 points, Pakistan’s 10 points would put them in contention.

The Tiebreaker Scenario

In the event of a tie with New Zealand at 10 points, Pakistan would need favorable outcomes and a substantial boost in their Net Run Rate to secure a semi-final berth.

In conclusion, while Pakistan’s path to the ICC World Cup 2023 semi-finals may seem treacherous, it is not impossible. With a series of victories and a bit of luck in other teams’ outcomes, Pakistan could still make it to the top four. The cricketing world eagerly awaits to see if they can pull off this miraculous feat.

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