Pakistan’s New Attacking Approach and Squad Strategy


Embracing the Attacking Mindset Across Formats

Pakistan’s head coach, Grant Bradburn, affirms the team’s commitment to the aggressive style of play showcased against Sri Lanka in the Test series. He assures that this attacking approach will carry into the upcoming ODIs, with players honing their skills to effectively implement them against Afghanistan and in the Asia Cup series.

Bradburn emphasizes, “Our focus is on using skills in real match situations, not just in nets. It’s essential for players to embrace this approach, aligning with the global shift towards aggressive cricket. Winning cricket is our goal, and we demand it from our players. We aim to set trends in the game.”

A Guiding Philosophy: Implementing the Pakistan Way

While not explicitly naming it, Pakistan highlighted its more aggressive stance, known as the “Pakistan Way,” throughout its successful tour of Sri Lanka. Bradburn emphasizes that this approach transcends formats, driving selection choices rather than the opposite.

“Our selections have been driven by a clear philosophy. Our starting XI, batting approach, and game strategy are crystal clear. We intend to attack during the middle overs, an area we’ve previously struggled in. We’re working hard to be dynamic and aggressive, not just with the bat, but also with the ball and field placements. Our aim is to take wickets during this phase.”

Faheem Ashraf’s Return: A Move towards All-round Prowess

One of the debatable selections is Faheem Ashraf’s return to the ODI side after a two-year absence. Despite limited notable form, Bradburn highlights Faheem’s all-round abilities, particularly his prowess against pace bowling and his knack for game-finishing.

Bradburn explains, “Faheem’s ability to finish games with the bat, especially in PSL, hasn’t gone unnoticed. His proficiency against pace bowling at the death is exceptional. We’re focused on nurturing all-rounders, particularly pace-bowling ones, which are scarce. We’re providing opportunities to dynamic players who excel in batting, bowling, and fielding.”

On the coaching front, Bradburn clarifies that he and Mickey Arthur, Pakistan’s director of men’s cricket, share a unified vision. Arthur’s limited availability has led to a unique coaching arrangement, but both coaches remain aligned.

Bradburn asserts, “Mickey and I communicate daily, and he’s integral to the new direction we’re taking. He’ll be joining us soon, and our collaboration is vital. Mickey being on board thrills us, and his involvement remains ongoing.

With Pakistan’s reinvigorated attacking style and strategic selections, the team prepares to unleash its prowess in the upcoming challenges.

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