Multan Sultans Continue Winning Streak: Analysis of PSL Game 7

Mohammad Rizwan scored 82 in PSL 2024, Multan Sultans VS Lahore Qalanders

Multan Sultans Clinch Third Consecutive Victory

In the seventh game of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), Multan Sultans showcased their dominance yet again, securing a thrilling victory over Lahore Qalandars. Let’s delve into the highlights and key moments of the match.

Player of the Match: Mohammad Rizwan

The standout performance of the game came from Multan Sultans’ captain, Mohammad Rizwan, who was rightfully awarded the Player of the Match title. Rizwan’s strategic leadership and exceptional batting prowess played a pivotal role in steering his team towards victory.

Analysis of the Match

Dominant Display by Multan Sultans

Multan Sultans continued their winning momentum, securing their third consecutive win in the tournament. Led by Rizwan’s exemplary leadership at the top, Multan Sultans exhibited a balanced performance both with the bat and in the field.

Strategic Insights from Mohammad Rizwan

Reflecting on the match, Mohammad Rizwan highlighted the unexpected seam and swing conditions. He credited the team’s strategy of preserving wickets in the powerplay, emphasizing the importance of key players like Iftikhar Ahmed in finishing matches.

Lahore Qalandars’ Perspective

On the opposing side, Lahore Qalandars’ captain, Shaheen Afridi, acknowledged areas of improvement for his team. Despite a valiant effort, Lahore Qalandars fell short, with Afridi emphasizing the need for better execution of fielding plans and capitalizing on opportunities.

Key Moments and Observations

Throughout the match, pivotal moments unfolded, including Iftikhar Ahmed’s explosive batting towards the end, where he punished the opposition’s bowlers, notably Zaman. Multan Sultans’ steady innings, anchored by Rizwan, and contributions from players like Willey, proved crucial in their victory.

Areas for Improvement

Both teams identified areas for improvement, particularly in fielding and capitalizing on opportunities. Lahore Qalandars’ missed chances, coupled with Multan Sultans’ strategic batting approach, underscored the importance of consistency and adaptability in T20 cricket.


As the tournament progresses, Multan Sultans formidable performance signals their strong contender status in the PSL. Lahore Qalandars, despite setbacks, remain determined to bounce back stronger in the upcoming matches. Stay tuned for more exhilarating cricketing action in the PSL.

With the thrill of victory still fresh, cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next showdown, where teams will battle it out for supremacy in the PSL arena.

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